About CTG

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Community Transport Glasgow

Although Glasgow has relatively good public and bespoke transport services available, community transport still has a major role to play covering a very wide range of needs from access to hospital from disadvantaged areas to ensuring that young people can participate in team sports at an affordable cost.

To meet such needs, community transport provision has grown significantly in the Glasgow area in recent years and has achieved successes in capacity building within communities and meeting transport needs that are not covered by other provision.

To consolidate this growth, and in recognition of best practice in other UK cities, Glasgow Community Transport Operators Group was formed in October 2003.  The group’s aims were to implement a strategy to develop community transport services serving the Glasgow area.  This initiative was developed through work carried out by Castlemilk Community Transport Ltd, Greater Easterhouse Development Company and Greater Pollok Development Company.

Membership of the Group expanded to include projects from Castlemilk, Pollok, Drumchapel, North Glasgow and the East End of Glasgow.  The group was formally constituted at a meeting of its membership in January 2004.

In June 2005 the group changed its name to Community Transport Glasgow, we are a Registered Charity and a Company Limited by Guarantee.

Mission Statement

Community Transport Glasgow’s vision is to promote and support the delivery of high quality, reliable accessible transport to the communities of Glasgow.

This will be achieved by:

  • Working in partnership to promote Community Transport (CT) at a local and national level.
  • Building capacity for Community Transport throughout Glasgow.
  • Provision of training and information for Community Transport in Glasgow.

Aims of CTG

We will achieve this vision through a number of Aims:

  •  To increase the range of transport service provision available to individuals and communities in Glasgow.
  • To be a key influencer and promoter of the awareness of Community Transport issues at local and national levels.
  • To develop a funding and income strategy to sustain the work of Community Transport throughout Glasgow.
  • To build a sustainable infrastructure for the Board of Directors of Community Transport Glasgow.
  • To continuously review and develop appropriate policies and procedures.
  • Review service delivery to improve provision to meet the needs of the diverse communities of Glasgow.
  • Economies of scale by achieving better insurance deals, maintenance and fuel costs.
  • Better purchasing power for new or replacement vehicles.
  • Becoming a representative voice at strategic level to help develop services for specific needs.