Hiring a vehicle

Community Transport Glasgow (CTG) provides transport to constituted non-profit making organisations within East, West, South and East of Glasgow, and East Dunbartonshire. This service is a hire service which is based upon minibus use mileage. CTG currently has a Head Office in Shettleston and two ‘hub’ locations, one in Drumchapel and one based in East Dunbartonshire. Through the use of these hubs mileage is kept at a minimum when hiring the vehicles and a flexible service is offered where drivers can also be provided.

The following information outlines the terms of minibus hire from Community Transport Glasgow (CTG). The key aspects to all hires are as follows:

  1. If you are not already a member of CTG, your constituted group must become a member of CTG which is £30 per year.
  2. Due to the size and weight of CTG’s vehicle fleet all drivers must have a ‘D1’ classification on their driving license.
  3. Prior to any hire all drivers must complete a checklist and a journey sheet for each hire.
  4. If you are a self-drive hire you must produce a valid MiDAS certificate prior to hiring a vehicle. Also you must have an up to date driving license.
  5. Keys for vehicles can be picked up from a pre-arranged location and must be returned after the journey, unless otherwise stated.
  6. Self-hirers will be responsible for paying the excess of £250 if they are involved in any accident for which a claim is made through the insurance and they are deemed to be entirely at fault.