Out in 3

The Out in 3 Emergency Evacuation training, which stands for ‘Passengers Out’, ‘Fire Brigade Out’, ‘Stay Out’, provides guidelines for efficient vehicle evacuation and offers an opportunity for the safe practice of evacuation procedures. It also seeks to promote good working practices by raising awareness that the requirement to evacuate a vehicle could happen to you.

Again through the delivery of this training course within our dedicated facility, the participant will have:

  • Understood their responsibilities regarding passenger assistance
  • Received guidelines on efficient emergency vehicle evacuation
  • Had a vehicle familiarization and evacuation demonstration
  • Taken a lead in at least one practical evacuation exercise
  • Participated in and observed other practical exercises
  • Completed a course report and review quiz

This training course is highly valued by participants as drivers of large passenger carrying vehicles have a legal duty of care to protect the safety and wellbeing of their passengers. This duty of care would include directing passengers off the vehicle in the event of an emergency such as a vehicle fire and could include appropriate physical assistance for any passengers with disabilities.